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Obtaining the golden visa of Spain through the purchase of property for Iranians: a golden opportunity to live in the European paradise

Why Spain?

Spain, a land of endless beauty and rich culture, is a dream destination for many investors and expats. Favorable climate, high quality of life, and unique geographical location of this country have made it an ideal option for those who are looking to experience life in Europe.

Benefits of Golden Visa Spain

Spain's golden visa is an exceptional opportunity for those who want to acquire residence in this beautiful country through real estate investment. This program is not only a fast track to obtaining European residency, but also allows for visa-free travel in Schengen, which can be a gateway to new opportunities across Europe.

What is the Spanish Golden Visa?

Definition and introduction

Spain's Golden Visa is a residency program that allows non-EU individuals to obtain legal residency in Spain by investing in the Spanish real estate market. Recognized as one of the most lenient and flexible Golden Visa programs in Europe, this program is a great opportunity for investors and their families to enjoy the benefits of living in Spain.

Requirements to receive

To obtain a golden visa for Spain, investors must invest a minimum amount in the real estate market of this country. This amount, which usually starts at 500,000 euros, must be paid without any debts or loans. Investments can include the purchase of one or more properties, as long as their total value meets the minimum requirement.

Methods of obtaining a golden visa for Spain

People who intend to obtain residence in Spain through Golden Visa programs, should be aware of the procedures for obtaining this visa. Spain's golden visa can be obtained in several ways, in this section we will examine the main conditions of this program.

Different types of investment and receiving golden residency in Spain:

Golden Visa investment typescapital required
 Buying real estate500,000 euros
Spanish Treasury Bonds2 million euros
Spanish company shares1 million euros
Investment Fund1 million euros
Bank deposits1 million euros

Buying property in Spain

Key points before buying

Before making any decision to buy property in Spain, there are a few key points to consider:

  • Market research: Knowledge of the current state of the real estate market, prices and regional trends.
  • Select neighborhood: Considering factors such as access to facilities, quality of life, and capital growth potential.
  • Consultation with experts: Taking advantage of the legal and consulting services of people who have experience working in the Spanish real estate market.

How to choose the right property

Choosing the right property for investment requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Things like the property's geographic location, building features, and potential for future value additions should be carefully evaluated.

The process of obtaining a golden visa through the purchase of property

legal procedures

Obtaining a Golden Visa through the purchase of property is a multi-step legal process that involves the preparation and submission of various documents, including investment documents and the identity of the investor, to the Spanish authorities. This process can include the following:

  • Verification of property documents and transaction
  • Obtaining legal representation in Spain
  • Submitting an application for a Golden Visa and following up on the approval process

Required documents

To complete the Golden Visa process, investors must prepare and submit a series of documents, including:

  • Application form for a long-term residence visa in Spain
  • Two passport photos
  • A valid passport that has not expired
  • Proof of country of residence
  • Proof of investment (all documents that prove the type and amount of your investment as well as the origin of your money.)
  • Spain tourist visa (temporary residence) to buy property
  • A certificate containing information about the ownership and taxation of the Land Registry, which corresponds to the purchased property
  • A medical certificate confirming that you do not have any type of illness that endangers public health.
  • A copy of the investment statement made in the foreign investment register of the Ministry of Economy, in case of investment in anonymous shares or company shares
  • Certificate of a financial intermediary (properly at the National Stock Exchange Commission or Bank of Spain) in case of investment in shares
  • Certificate of financial institution or Spanish bank, (in case of investment in government bonds)
  • Certificate from a financial institution (in case of investment in a bank deposit)
  • Proof that you have sufficient economic funds to support yourself and your dependents in Spain
  • The required documents must be fully officially translated and delivered to the embassy without any defects. Because if there is a defect, there is a possibility of visa rejection or delay in the continuation of the process.

Living in Spain with a Golden Visa

Advantages of living in Spain

Getting a Golden Visa and living in Spain has countless benefits that investors and their families can enjoy. Among these advantages, we can mention access to high quality education and health system, rich culture and environmental diversity, as well as the possibility of visa-free travel to the member countries of the Schengen area. Living in Spain is also an exceptional opportunity to enjoy one of the best quality of life in Europe.

Limitations and Considerations

However, living in Spain with a Golden Visa also has limitations and considerations that applicants should be aware of. For example, applicants should note that in order to maintain their residency status, they must meet certain requirements, such as maintaining investments and regular visits to Spain. In addition, tax and financial planning issues in Spain must also be carefully considered and managed.

Sama Land and our services

Why Sama Land?

In the complex and challenging process of buying a property in Spain and obtaining a Golden Visa, Sama Land, as an accredited real estate consultant, can provide reliable guidance and support. With extensive experience and knowledge in the Spanish real estate market, Sama Land is able to help its clients find the best investment options, as well as provide guidance to facilitate the Golden Visa process.

Our consulting services

Sama Land offers a wide range of services to support its customers at every stage of the process of buying a property and obtaining a Golden Visa. Among these services, the following can be mentioned:

  • Advice on property selection and investment
  • Guidance and support in the legal process of property purchase
  • Help in preparing and completing the necessary documents to obtain a golden visa
  • Providing information and guidance on living and investing in Spain

By using the services of Sama Land, applicants can go through the Golden Visa process with confidence and peace of mind, while benefiting from their investment in one of Europe's dynamic and attractive real estate markets.


How to get golden visa faster? In order to speed up the process of receiving a golden visa, it is recommended to cooperate with expert consultants in this field in advance, prepare the necessary documents and documents carefully and flawlessly, and benefit from legal advice to ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Is buying a property anywhere in Spain valid for a Golden Visa? Yes, applicants can purchase property anywhere in Spain, as long as the investment value reaches the minimum amount required to obtain a Golden Visa.

What is the minimum amount for real estate investment? The minimum amount for real estate investment in order to receive a golden visa in Spain is 500,000 euros. This amount must be paid without the use of loans or taxes.

Is it possible to rent the purchased property? Yes, owners can rent out the purchased property. This can be a source of income for investors and help them manage their investment.

How long is the Golden Visa stay? The Spanish golden visa is initially issued for two years. After that, it can be renewed for five-year periods, provided the conditions are still met.

Summary and conclusion

Obtaining a Spanish Golden Visa through the purchase of property is a unique opportunity for investors looking to reside in one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse countries in Europe. Considering the many benefits that this program offers, including the possibility of easy travel within the Schengen area and access to quality education and healthcare systems, such an investment can be beneficial and beneficial.

However, it is important that the process of buying a property and obtaining a Golden Visa is done with care and attention to detail. Using the services of a reputable real estate consultant like Sama Land can provide the necessary guidance and support in this way, so that applicants can walk more confidently in this direction.

Finally, buying a property in Spain and getting a Golden Visa is not only a financial investment, but also an investment in the future and quality of life of you and your family.


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