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Have you ever thought about investing in a hotel? A unique opportunity to invest in Trump Hotel Oman

Did you know that investing in a hotel is one of the new and profitable methods in the real estate market? This type of investment is very attractive for people who cannot afford to buy a whole property. By buying a unit in a hotel, you actually become the owner of a part of that hotel and benefit from the profit from renting that unit.

Trump Hotel Oman: an exceptional opportunity for investment

Trump Hotel Oman, the only Trump Hotel in Oman, has just been introduced and offers you a unique investment opportunity. With prices starting from 122,000 Omani rials and the possibility of paying in five-year installments, you can become the owner of a part of this luxury hotel with a capital equal to 200 thousand dollars.

Benefits of investing in Trump Hotel Oman:

  • 9% investment return: Offering an annual return of 9%, Trump Hotel Oman is one of the best investment options in the Oman real estate market.
  • Value Added: Due to the growth of the tourism industry in Oman, the value of your property in this hotel will increase over time.
  • Part ownership of a global brand: By investing in Trump Hotel, you will actually become a part owner of a global and prestigious brand.

Easy payment terms:

For your convenience, five-year installments are available.

Delivery in 2028:

Trump Hotel Oman will be operational in 2028 and you will be able to benefit from your investment from that time.

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Is it possible to invest in a hotel? A unique opportunity to invest in Trump Hotel. Prices start from 122,000 Omani Rials. Delivery: 2028. Payment terms: five-year installments. Return on capital: 9%. For more details, contact me @Samalandx. Contact numbers: ☎️+968-92856022☎️+968-96022915.
📍Inauguration of seven-star Trump Hotel in Oman 📍A unique opportunity to invest in Trump Hotel. Prices start from 122,000 Omani Rials. Delivery: 2028. Payment terms: five-year installments. Return of investment: 9%. For more details, contact me @Samalandx Contact: ☎️+968-92856022☎️+968-96022915#trump#Darglobal#samalandx #investment #profitable_investment #luxury_investment #hotel_trump#hotel# hotel_investment# purchase_hotel # donaldtrump# trump_hotel# Tara_Muscat_hotel#Trump_hotel#
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Investing in Trump Hotel Oman, an exceptional opportunity to enter the Oman real estate market and earn sustainable profits. Do not miss this opportunity!

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