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Buying Branded Homes: A Luxury Experience with Trump Homes

In today's world, some houses have become famous brands, such as the houses of George Armani, Versace and Trump. Known as custom-designed duplexes, Trump homes include five bedrooms and two driver's rooms, for a total of seven bedrooms. Featuring a private elevator, infinity pool and direct access to the golf course, these luxury homes are specially designed for golf enthusiasts.

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Buying brand houses: a luxury experience with Trump Houses 6

The unique features of these houses include:

  • Private elevator: For more comfort and well-being of residents
  • Infinity pool: A unique experience of swimming in the pool with an endless view
  • Direct access to the golf course: For golf lovers
  • Multiple parking: Sufficient space for cars

The price of Trump's houses starts from 750 thousand Omani rials and they have very good buying conditions. You can buy these houses in five-year installments. One of the advantages of these payment terms is that you can become the owner of these houses by paying only 20% of the house amount every year, and after three years, you will receive your house while you still have not paid 40% of the house amount. .

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This unique opportunity to invest in Trump luxury homes offers you a unique experience of living in one of the best and most luxurious homes. If you are also interested in learning more about the details of these expensive homes, be sure to contact me.

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